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Nur Jazlan’s Stupidity at Most: BN Afraid of Voting Malaysians!

Media Statement by Ng Wei Aik, DAP Member of Parliament for Tanjong & DAP Penang Publicity Secretary on 29th of March, 2018 (Thursday) in George Town, Penang:

Nur Jazlan’s Stupidity at Most: BN Afraid of Voting Malaysians!

The Claim by Nur Jazlan, Deputy Home Minister that Cathay Pacific might be part of regime change when questioning the airlines’ decision to waive its rebooking and rerouting charges for Malaysians travelling on polling day has clearly shown BN’s fears of losing its power in GE14.

We can’t believe such a remark was made by a senior BN/UMNO politician, and nobody in its right mind will discourage any Malaysian from coming home to vote, or prefer to vote at home by rebooking the flight tickets or cancelling their pre-booked tickets.

We should appreciate the Cathay Pacific’s initiative in introducing such a waiver, and we hope that the other airlines, including Malaysia Airlines and Airasia will follow suit since a lot of Malaysians are unable to book their flight tickets or plan for their overseas trip in the wake of Parliamentary dissolution as long as the polling date is yet to be fixed.

As a responsible federal government who has ruled this country for more than 60 years, why should BN afraid of all our fellow Malaysians if they are merely exercising their voting rights for the betterment of our country?

If BN is afraid of our fellow Malaysians who are exercising their voting right, we could say something is not right with BN as the government of the days, until our people is eagerly to vote them out for a new government to take over the country!

The remarks by Nur Jazlan will make people more upset with BN, and we believe more and more people are prepared to pursue the regime change for Malaysia even without any waiver on the rebooking or rerouting charges from the Cathay Pacific.

Thanks to Nur Jazlan for his highest degree of stupidity which will enable more and more Malaysians coming home to vote, or prefer to stay home for the polling day, and we are urging our fellow Malaysians to vote in Pakatan Harapan for a better Malaysia for all.

Only by encouraging more and more people to vote out Barisan Nasional, we can only see the light at the end of the tunnel and eventually ignite a new leash of hope for our future generations.



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